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Why Football Helmets provide solid foundation for quality and accurate sound reproduction

Any devoted music fan knows that some speakers sound better than other speakers.

Understanding the underlying technology, it’s not too hard to explain why some speakers sounds better than other speakers. The best speakers recreate sound very accurately. They don’t distort the sound. To better rank the speakers, we use Frequency Response Range. Frequency Response shows the range a speaker is capable of reproducing frequencies accurately.

At Nima we create Bluetooth speakers and speaker enclosures that are capable of reproducing full range of frequencies that we (human ear) can actually hear. The fuller the range the better. In a frequency Response graph or chart, you want to see a flat line with no peaks and/or valleys. Peaks and valleys are depiction of the variation in loudness between frequencies.  Nima manufactures speakers with the most flat frequency response range that beat Bose, JBL, and any other Bluetooth speaker manufacturer. In next two paragraphs we will show how.

To achieve this flat full range, the sound quality of a speaker results from several elements.  These are speaker materials such as wires and magnets, sturdy and robust enclosure design, and accuracy.  Nima believes a great and accurate sound recreation is both science and art.  Art especially when it comes to enclosure designs which should be rugged and powerful.  We could not find any enclosure more rugged and sturdy than a football helmet. Enclosure houses the drivers and electronics that produce sound. If the enclosure is not robust and designed perfectly and optimally, it will distort the sound. If the enclosure is flimsy, the sound might reverberate inside. If the speaker driver is not braced in a sturdy enclosure, it might rattle and create sound distortions.

Nima believes you have to listen to your new speakers ideally in the setting in which you’ll use them. Well-designed speaker rooms or store listening rooms which are buffed and puffed with noise reduction and other deceptive elements might not be the best place to test speakers.

Nima believe speakers that sound good when and where you use them are good speakers. Hence we let you use our speakers on your desk, at your office, .....and if you believe it does not sound right, send it back to us.



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